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I offer made to order designs and one of a kind pieces. Made-to-order means that I work on the order as soon as it's placed. Each design will have varying production times. I will be adding new designs throughout the year.


I release one of a kind pieces through small collections. I typically have around 4 of these collections a year. These pieces are unique because of the stone or because they feature a more elaborate design that's difficult to replicate. However, I often bring back designs, so if you miss out on a piece, there's a good chance that I will create another variation of it in the future. Collection dates can be found on my social media or will be emailed to you through my email subscription. I will post many previews of current collections, so make sure you're following me or signed up for emails. These collections are first come, first served, so it's best to set an alarm once I announce a date and time.



If a piece is made to order, it will have MTO in the title. Lead times can be found in the description. Certain times of the year, I will be more backed up than usual (holidays). I will make announcements on my social media about the changes in lead times.

I make one of a kind pieces every week or so and release them in collections. I will announce the collection dates and times on my social media. These collections are first come, first served. I cannot hold pieces for anyone. 

I do not do customs. Because it is just me running this business, it is impossible to accommodate every request.


If you are curious about pricing, click the Archives tab of my website. If you click the product, it will show the price.

All sales are final. Please know your ring or wrist size before ordering. If you’re unsure how to figure that out, send me an e-mail and I will help you!

All pieces are made in sterling silver and semi precious stones. To prevent oxidation, store jewelry in an airtight case. Avoid swimming with jewelry on. Do NOT dip your jewelry in cleaning solution. Use mild soap and water to clean your piece and polish with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

International buyers are responsible for custom fees.

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If a piece becomes damaged and needs a repair, I will try my best to help you. Please contact me at

Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs.

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