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MTO Stamped Stacking Cuff

MTO Stamped Stacking Cuff


Sterling Silver. There are 3 options-stamps are labeled in photo. These are made-to-order, please allow 1-2 weeks for production.

Cuff sizing:


All measurements are JUST the metal, it does NOT include the opening. Most openings are around 1" but are slightly adjustable.


A 6" cuff + 1" opening is 7" TOTAL circumference. You can slightly adjust the opening to 1.25" if you need to. Any cuff over 6.25" will have an opening of 1.25" already.


For example, I have a 6" wrist. I like to wear a 5.25" cuff with a 1" opening, this is a total of 6.25". It gives me a tiny bit of wiggle room since I do not like tight jewerly.


If you're still unsure what size to order, choose a size and then e-mail me at


*Keep in mind if you're stacking a lot of bracelets, you may need an extra .25" to allow some movement. For example, when I stack cuff, I like them to all be 5.5".

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