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MTO Eye Cuff #7

MTO Eye Cuff #7


Turquoise, black onyx, and sterling silver.

*Cuff will be made with the stone pictured on the right.

Please choose your size. If you're unsure, choose an option and you can e-mail me your wrist measurement. Cuff sizes are JUST the measurement of metal from end to end. Cuffs will have a 1" opening. A 6" cuff with a 1" opening is a total circumference of 7".

I have a 6" wrist and prefer to wear a 5.5"  (6.5" total circumference) in this design and wear it just past my wrist bones. This allows my hand to bend freely without hitting the 'lashes' of the cuff.

This is made-to-order! Please allow 4-6 weeks for production. 

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