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Stay up to date with collections and new made-to-order designs. E-mail subscribers will also have perks such as discount codes and early previews!


I operate by offering made-to-order designs and one-of-a-kind pieces.


Made-to-order means just that, I work on the order as it's placed. Each design will vary in production time. I will be adding new designs throughout the year.

I release one-of-a-kind pieces through small collections. They are one-off because of the stone or it's a more elaborate design that's difficult to replicate. But I do bring back a lot of designs, if you miss out on a piece, there's a good chance that I do another variation of it in the future. Collection dates can be found on my social media or will be e-mailed to you through my e-mail subscription. I will post a lot of previews of current collections so make sure you're following me or signed up for e-mails. These collections are first come, first served. It's best to set an alarm once I announce a date and time.


Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm the face behind Inti. Everything is made by hand in my home studio in Maryland. I started working with metal in 2008. I have a degree in Fine Arts from Towson University, which is where I learned the basics of metalsmithing.


I then worked as a professional jeweler for 6 years at a larger company where jewelry was mass produced. This is where I really developed my technique and skill. I started Inti in the summer of 2020 as a way to keep busy during the pandemic. It is now my full-time career!

I strive to create unique, eye-catching pieces but really focus on quality and longevity; pieces that can be passed down to generations. I want my pieces to be conversation starters!

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